Perhaps another travel
agency specialising
in cycling trips?

You don’t have to have graduated from Harvard to understand that we organise and sell trips around cycling culture.

So, what’s different about what we have to offer? We could easily describe what we do through a fancy combination of cyclist buzz-words; even tell you that we craft every detail with all of our heart, or that we are people driven by passion because we are cyclists with cycling running through our veins.

But where is our added value in all of that? What can we offer you more or, less?

Travelling is our thing

So, no we don’t want to sell you the same cycling trips, we want you to join us and ride with us, this is our difference! We have travelled all over the world since the beginning of KATUSHA ALPECIN in 2009. We’ve taken our bikes apart and stored them in travel bags only to pick them up 28 hours later, everywhere from the tarmac of Christchurch airport in New Zealand, to Los Angeles for the Tour of California. Every day we drive a pair of service course teams to arrive on time to World Tour races. We fly Pro riders from one race to another, taking their family life into consideration. We have never lost a rider or missed a training camp and we’ve started every race. These are our daily tasks and we love them. Don't believe us? Come and see.

Always innovating

Whether you are joining for a cycling journey or to get an immersive view of our team during one of the most iconic races of the year, only the best is good enough. You are joining us from the very beginning of the trip and like you, we don’t want to be bored, we always strive to find the best ideas: life is too short for boring holidays. We know how great is it to share a ride and share tips with a Pro; we know how to tackle Strava’s crowns on the road and most of all, we know how pleasurable it is to discuss these personal records in a Café in Bédoin at the base of Mt Ventoux. We love taking pictures and our local guides want to share the most scenic roads with you, to rocket your future Instagram posts to the moon and back! And because we leave the strict diet to our Pros, we are delighted to share a bounty of the best local food and wine. We ride bikes, we are full of energy and we always have great stories to share. If freedom will be something, it should be this!


Designed for cyclists

We love the whirring sound of carbon wheels, we hate sleeping policemen and red lights. We vibrate when the race is on, we cheer our favourites, we dream of going along with them, helping them as a super domestic would do. We get it. Even more, we love riding bikes and sharing a glass of Champagne on the victory days and red wine after accomplishing a personal challenge. Each day is unique and we will never be here again. We live life to the fullest. Whether you’re a cycling junkie ready to compete among the best, or a forever fan of “la petite reine”, we open the doors of Professional cycling to you. We offer you the equipment and support usually reserved for athletes, with the comfort and service of a luxury holiday.

Scenic routes

Like our Pro’s, we spend a lot of time on our bikes and we want to share these moments with you. Who hasn't imagined riding behind Tony Martin on a flat straight line? Who hasn't dreamed about following a race in a support car? Listening to a mechanic yelling in Spanish, half in half out of the car, fixing a cleat in the middle of the race? Or simply enjoying the local culture through the eyes of a local, sharing moments with a restaurant’s chef? This is what we live for day after day and a few years later, we still have the same feeling - we want to share it with you.

A full batch of pillows

Press stop, uploading the ride, sharing a rich meal or laying on the Café’s sofa down the street... here’s what you’re thinking when clipping out your pedals, eyes lost in nowhere after a long day on the bike. We do the same. Even more, we love the feeling of falling on a king size bed covered in pillows, because when it comes to pillows it is never ever enough. Later in the day, our riders will tell you the truth: Carolina, one of our soigneurs, gives the best massage in town to get you fully recovered in no time. A must have step before sharing a red wine aside José Azevedo, discussing about the greatest cycling moments, about his final move climbing up the Tourmalet in 2005 or even about one of his days without legs, the look full of nostalgia.


This is our calling at KATUSHA Travel. We don’t own the weather but we own everything else. Our trips are guaranteed to run and you won’t be bored for a millisecond, life needs to be lived at 100%.

We are ready to go and you, do you have any excuse not to be part of the trip?